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Photos: Crowd turns out for heart-touching ‘Cure for Cammy’ fundraiser

SoutholdLOCAL photo by Lisa Finn

Wearing “Team Camryn” T-shirts, hundreds of supporters and friends turned out Friday night in a tremendous show of hometown spirit and love at a fundraiser to help fight cystic fibrosis, in honor of Southold’s Camryn Koke, 9.

The 4th and final “Cure for Cammy” event took place on Friday in the Southold High School gym and featured carnival games and prizes, face painting, a balloon artist, arts and crafts, Jester Jim, Zumba, a Chinese auction and a 50/50 raffle.

Young and old alike enjoyed the energetic and joyful Zumba session, which concluded with brightly colored beach balls being bounced into the crowd and confetti drifting through the air as the lyrics “Just Keep Breathing” played.

As the curtain closed on the Cure for Cammy fundraisers, Jennifer Koke, Camryn’s mom, said she wanted to thank her dear friend Jen Olsen, who started the fundraisers, as well honor Jill Schroeder from JABS, who hosted the first event and has been critical to every event since. Koke, Schroeder and Olsen are now close friends, too.

Camryn read a heart-moving statement, thanking Olsen, Schroeder, and all her supporters. Camryn said, to Olsen and Schroeder, that she was very, very lucky, to have such wonderful friends.

“I want to thank everyone for coming here tonight and helping me find a cure. Together we can make CF stand for ‘cure found’. I also want to thank my very special friend Jen Olsen. You are the true meaning of friendship.And Jill Schroeder, you are the coolest girl ever. Thank you for everything you have done for me. Lucky, lucky me, to have a friend like you.”

Even the youngest in the crowd were compelled by Camryn’s courage to work toward change. Tate Klipstein, a fellow student at Southold Elementary School, diligently collected bottles and cans all on his own, and presented a handmade card to Cammy, with a money order inside for almost $168.

As the event drew to a close, Schroeder presented Camryn with a plaque, then said she had an important announcement to make, but said that she wanted Camryn to be the first to know, and share the news. “Jill Schroeder is pregnant,” Camryn said, crying happy tears; there wasn’t a dry eye in the gym.{gallery}2014_0426_Cammy{/gallery}