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Sprout Natural Lifestyle, a shop specializing in athletic gear and holistic health supplies, opens in Greenport Friday

Bill and Laura Tancredi at Sprout Natural Lifestyle in Greenport. Photo: Katharine Schroeder

It was just six months ago that Laura Tancredi opened Sprout Natural Parenting in Greenport Village and now, buoyed by its success, she is expanding.

On Friday, Tancredi will open the doors of Sprout Natural Lifestyle, a shop that focuses on holistic health and athletics for adults.

The light-filled, inviting space created by Tancredi’s carpenter husband Bill will occupy an area attached to the parenting store, just off Front Street down Bootleg Alley. It is a goldmine for folks interested in endurance sports, nutrition, yoga and meditation. The shelves are packed with specialized clothing, personal care items, athletic gear and superfoods. Tucked in a corner is a display of Tibetan singing bowls and supplies for meditation.

Tibetan singing bowls.

“I felt like this was a natural extension of the parenting store,” said Tancredi. “I want adults who are interested in endurance sports and holistic health to have access to product lines that I believe in.”

Tancredi bought the building several years ago as an investment and after her renters vacated she opened Sprout Natural Parenting, a shop that sells organic children’s clothing, wooden toys and nursing supplies. The lifestyle store grew out of her own personal evolution.

“For the last decade I’ve been parenting and my entire life has revolved around everything that deals with being a mother,” said Tancredi. “But I’m also an athlete, an endurance runner, and as my children age I’ve been able to take more time to come back into my own and refocus on my adult life, my nutrition, health and athletics.”

All of the items in the shop are carefully chosen by Tancredi and, she says, 90 percent of them are products she uses herself. She is passionate about superfoods, holistic health and natural remedies and only sells items she believes in.

Right now much of the gear in stock is related to running because, says Tancredi, that is what her passion is. She hopes to eventually sell supplies for bicycle enthusiasts as well.

“We’re carrying a lot of specialized items for novice runners all the way up to ultra-marathoners,” she says. “These products are really valuable and necessary to athletes to prevent injury and help with recovery. Things people need for races.”

Shelves stocked with superfoods and holistic supplements.

In addition to providing supplies, Tancredi sees Sprout Natural Lifestyle becoming a resource and support network for athletes. To that end she has created Sprout Running Group, an informal Facebook group for all levels of runners, lending support and motivation. She hopes to organize a weekly run in the community, pointing out that the camaraderie among runners is inspirational and “amazing.”

Sprout Natural Lifestyle opens its doors on Black Friday, Nov. 24 at 10 a.m. and is offering 20 percent off all merchandise in both the lifestyle and parenting stores throughout this weekend.

Regular store hours are Monday through Thursday and Sunday, 11 a.m. – 5 p.m., Saturdays and Sundays 11 a.m. – 6 p.m. Both stores are located at 37 Front Street down Bootleg Alley in Greenport.

Sprout Natural Parenting and Sprout Natural Lifestyle are located down Bootleg Alley off Front Street in Greenport.
Hand carved running ornament.


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