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Wife of jogger killed in Laurel finds hope, healing in messages from her husband

January 16, 2014 was the darkest day of my life. After years of searching for Mr. Right and finally finding him, he was taken from me.

On a dark and foggy morning his life was taken on the quiet streets of our little community. I’m still unsure as to who was responsible for this tragic event, nor do I ever think I will find out, but taken from me he was.

Jim Callaghan was a beautiful person. He was so full of love and laughter, kindness and joy. In your life you could only hope to meet someone as wonderful as Jim.

In the days following my loss, I, interestingly enough, was in a dark and foggy place. Not sure what was real and what was illusion. Two phrases kept running through my mind: “Everything happens for a reason”, followed by “Let Go and Let God”.

I have lived my life saying these phrases to those around me even to my beloved Jim. And so I chose to believe and let go.

In doing so I was drawn to readings with those who dove into the afterlife. I read books written by popular psychic mediums who taught me that my Jim, the one true love of my life, wasn’t gone! He is just here in a different way.

I have always believed in those who possess the gift of reaching out to our loved ones who have passed. I call it a gift because to me that is what it has become. I am sure to those with the gift it can be a great burden.

Over the past four months I have found myself looking for signs that Jim is still here. Little things like the plants we were sure I killed last summer blooming with new life, dogs barking and going crazy when there is nothing there, and electronic devices that do their own thing without my assistance. Even with these signs I have had the need to hear from my husband.

On February 8, I received a message from an old work friend of Jim’s. She had been to a psychic (who she assured me wasn’t a telephone psychic) and had messages for me from Jim. The things she relayed to me were unbelievable. There was no way she could have known what she was telling me. It was my Jim!

I soon became interested in seeing a psychic. I found myself on the doorstep of Anthony Di Joseph. He is a young man from Commack who is gifted. It was St. Patrick’s Day, Jim’s national holiday. On this day my husband came through to me as a father looking to get messages to his children, then as a husband wanting to assure his wife he was okay.

A few weeks later I was in Salem, MA, seeing the wonderful and mystical Reverend Lori Bruno. This visit was a gift from my sister Maureen who lives in New Hampshire. Reverend Bruno assured me that I would be okay because my “Jimmy” was orchestrating my life.

Now that is a powerful message. How do you fight that one?

It was after that visit that I truly started my healing process. Don’t get me wrong, I still cry every day and I am that crazy woman you see driving on the road every morning talking to herself, except I am talking to Jim.

On Wednesday, May 7, 2014, I had the honor of attending a group reading event with John Edward, another beautiful gift, given by a running mate of Jim’s. Now picture yourself in a room, no a theater, with hundreds of other people. Your loved one is not coming through right? Wrong! Jim, along with a few other family members, came through. There were things said that I know there is no way on this great big planet we call earth this medium could have known.

The point to all of this is that even though the physical body of Jim was taken from me, his soul was not. When we lose a loved one we really only lose their physical being. Their souls are still with us, continuing on their journey with us, through the good times and the bad.

There are signs all around us, we just need to be receptive to them and believe.

In closing, while I still believe I have suffered the greatest loss in my life, I also believe that my one true love is with me every day, guiding me in the journey that is the remainder of my life. For this I am deeply saddened and filled with joy all at the same time. I thank you all for your continued support through these difficult times, and I still pray we find the person responsible for taking such a beautiful person from this world.

Jennifer Garrett-Callaghan (aka Jim’s hyphen wife)