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Michele McGovern’s Weekly Workout:
Walk the Plank

Welcome to Michele McGovern’s Weekly Workout, SoutholdLOCAL’s new multimedia blog.

Each week, Michele, a personal trainer and boot camp instructor, will provide you with a workout routine suited for all levels that you can do at home without any special equipment.

Week One: Walk the Plank

One minute: Elevated plank walk.
One minute: Four in/out tucks at every book.
One minute: Four plank jacks at every book.
One minute: Four elevated push ups (two right and left) with bear crawl forwards and backwards.
One minute: Eight tricep dips with crab walk forwards and backwards.
BONUS: One minute squat hops.

Do 3 rounds total.

For the second round: do each set for 50 seconds each; 50 seconds of bonus squat hops.
For the third round:  do each set for 40 seconds each; 60 seconds of bonus squat hops.

Tips for Advanced:

Never let your knees touch the ground. If you need a challenge, increase time of sets, and finish your workout with a two minute plank followed by two minute wall sit.

Be sure to check back next Saturday for your Weekly Workout with Michele McGovern.



Michele McGovern is a music teacher turned fitness junkie. She’s a boot camp instructor at Maximus Health & Fitness in Riverhead, and a personal trainer and owner of COREfit. The happily married mom of three boys, she loves investing in people and seeing lives transformed from the inside out.