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Southold police offer up seized, stolen merchandise for sale online

Gone are the days when seized property grew dusty in the evidence room and was eventually sold at public auction — at least in Southold.

Last month, Southold joined over 3,000 police and municipal agencies across the country and signed on to participate in an online auction service, PropertyRoom.com, a site offering “$1 No Reserve” online auctions.

The site gives the police department a way to auction off unclaimed property and offer sweet deals to bidders.

“With property that has been received by our department that is not evidence or from any case and has cleared the legal time frame to dispose of, we used to try to organize auctions at the police department but they became too much work and required too much manpower to pull off,” Southold Town Police Chief Martin Flatley said. “We decided to go to Property Room.Com because they will come to our facility, pick up any property that fits this criteria, sell it on their website and give us our agreed-upon share of the proceeds.”

Monies raised, he said, are returned to the town’s general fund.

Merchandise up for grabs includes jewelry, cars, electronics, coins, fine art, computers, and fashions.

The auction website also regularly sell surplus municipal cars, trucks and heavy equipment as well as seized vehicles, with all assets open to public bidding nationwide.

Donald Nemer, SVP of Sales of PropertyRoom.com said, “We pride ourselves in providing trusted services and solutions for law enforcement and government agencies across the country to make it remarkably easy to manage and sell surplus assets.”