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Michele McGovern’s Weekly Workout: the Pyramid

This week’s workout: the Pyramid (part two)!

In this routine, you will start from the first exercise and work your way up the pyramid. Start by doing exercise #1, then repeat. After you complete #1, move on to #2. Once that’s done, return to #1 and work you way up to #3 before going back to the start. Make your way through the whole workout this way, tacking on exercises one by one as you repeat the routine.

It will look like this:

1 + 2
1 + 2 + 3
1 + 2 + 3 + 4
1 + 2 + 3 + 4 + 5

And so on.


1. Squat-hops (one lap): Get down in a squat and take small jumps forward, coming off of your heel. Ideally, you should find the biggest room in your house for this exercise. If you don’t have enough room, move that furniture! Do as many hops as you can forward, then backwards for one complete lap.

2. Flying push-ups (two reps): Keep your elbows out to the side and bring your chest down as if you were doing a normal push-up, but when you ascend, push yourself off the ground and try to get some air.

3. Push-ups (three reps): Standard push-ups.

4. Plank-ups (four reps): Start in push-up position, but instead of lowering yourself to the ground, drop your right elbow, forearm and palm to the floor, followed by the same on your left arm. For your third and fourth reps, begin on the left to change the stress of the starting muscle.

5. Tucks (five reps): Get in a plank position, and then jump, pulling your feet forward and touching your knees to your chest.

6. Diamond jacks (six reps): This is a modified jumping jack where you start in a squatting position. Raising your arms over your head, jump, and as you do touch your heels together to form a diamond shape, before landing in your starting position.

7. Scissor lunges (seven reps): Start in a lunge with your back leg parallel to the ground. Push off your feet, jumping straight into the air and “scissor” your legs, so your back leg comes forward and your front leg comes back, alternating which leg you are lunging with. Try to do this in as fluid of a motion as you can. You’ve completed one rep once you’ve lunged with both legs.

8. Bearcrawl (four laps): In an open room, crawl on your hands and your toes, keeping your knees out to the side and your butt down. When you reach the wall, reverse the exercise, traveling back in the direction you came. You’ve completed one lap when you’ve crawled forward and backwards across the room.

9. Burpees (nine reps): Start from a standing position. Squat down to the ground, placing your palms on the floor. Kick your feet back, keeping your arms extended and your palms down, and do a push-up. Bring your feet back into squatting position and jump, reaching your hands towards the ceiling. (See video fro modifications).

10. Jumping Air Squats (100 reps): Start in a squat position. Jump up, lifting your heels off the ground, and swing your arms to your sides. Land back in the squat position.