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PSEG comes to rescue of baby osprey made famous by webcam

SoutholdLOCAL photo courtesy of PSEG.

Baby osprey that have mesmerized countless fans who watched their birth by webcam continued to capture hearts last night, when rescuers came to the aid of one little chick who’d gotten into some trouble.

According to Elizabeth Flagler, media rep for PSEG Long Island, a “rescue effort” took place in East Marion on Gardiners Bay Estates when one of the baby chicks became entangled in a fishing line.

Paul Henry, president of Tax Reduction Services, which built and sponsored the website, has garnered widespread attention with his osprey cam, as thousands of viewers sat glued to their screens watching the baby osprey hatch live, and have since followed their progress.

“It all happened very, very fast,” Henry said. “PSEG was absolutely golden in coming without hesitation to help us.”

“Our crews just rescued an osprey chick out in East Marion . . .and we couldn’t be happier,” PSEG crew wrote on their website. “One of three osprey chicks had become entangled in fishing line and needed help.”

Certified Wildlife Rescue were ready to assist, but had no way to reach the platform.

“After confirming that we had the equipment available to assist in the rescue, we took our 105’ bucket truck out to the scene,” PSEG employees said.

Jim MacDougall from Evelyn Alexander Wildlife Rescue Center went up in the PSEG Long Island bucket truck and helped untangle the osprey chick.

“I would like to thank him. Without hesitation, he went up and handled the osprey magnificently. Not only did he rescue the osprey but I want to thank him for cleaning the lens of the camera. It’s crystal clear now,” Henry said.

“So glad we could help,” PSEG employees wrote.

The website, ospreyzone.com, has drawn tens of thousands of visitors from all over the nation since its launch June 1. The live-streaming, high-definition video transports viewers to an osprey nest 80 feet above the ground, where a male and female osprey take turns sitting on the eggs, bringing back fish to share with one another and chirping in loud conversation.

Back in the nest today, all seems well as George and Gracie, arguable the most famous osprey ever, watch over their babies. To watch them, click here.

Henry reflected on the experience and widespread adoration of the osprey and his project. “We’re amazed at the following and appreciative of all the support,” he said. Of watching the baby chicks hatch and grow, he said, “It’s been a privilege.”

Both he and Tommy Aprea, on whose property the nest is located, feel blessed to be able to “offer this to everyone,” Henry said. “We think it’s made a big difference in a lot of people’s lives in so many ways.”