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New business, North Fork Natural, opens on Main Road in Cutchogue

Although she only opened the door to her new business, North Fork Natural, on Main Road in Cutchogue Saturday, Fernanda Menegassi- Lojac already has a legion of fans.

For months before she launched her new business, Menegassi-Lojac worked out of her home, creating a full line of handcrafted, all-natural aromatherapy soap, skin care and wellness products.

Looking for a space for some time, when she and her husband Peter drove by one day, they found the spot, where Scoops was previously sited.

With room in the back to work and for storage, Menegassi-Lojac said the spot was perfect. “It just felt right.”

Customers stepping inside this week were met with a sea of pleasing scents, including lavender fresh from Lavender on the Bay in East Marion.

The certified organic ingredients and pure essential oils are formulated by Menegassi-Lojac, a certified clinical aromatherapist, using locally sourced ingredients found on the North Fork, including honey and lavender, whenever possible.

“I made a beer soap out of Greenport Harbor Brewing Company beer,” she said.

FullSizeRender (56)The wide array of products includes indoor and outdoor skin care options, such as a successful natural tick and insect repellent that’s “a best seller,” Menegassi-Lojac said.

Other favorites include products and lotions to remove stress, treat “tummy issues” and diaper rash, PMS and arthritis. All offerings are made with certified organic ingredients, with no synthetics or artificial fragrances. Her inventory will be ever-evolving, she added, with products such as shampoos and conditioners still to come.

“We have something for everyone,” she said.

Originally born in Brazil, Menegassi-Lojac moved to New Jersey, where she became a registered nurse.

But, she said, “I fell in love with aromatherapy. I wanted to turn my hobby into a business.”

Since opening, Menegassi-Lojac said the community has given her a warm North Fork welcome. “I’ve gotten a really good response,” she said. “I’m so happy to be here.”

Looking ahead, the new business owner hopes to offer classes and aromatherapy workshops on a range of topics including how to make lip balms and scrubs.

Bachelorette parties are another option, with “romantic oils,” which act as aphrodisiacs, potentially on the agenda.

Her aim, Menegassi-Lojac is to offer all-natural skin care options and consultations to individuals who might not be used to thinking of their skin when they consider an overall health plan.

“I’d like people to be proactive with their health,” she said. “Your skin is the largest organ in your body; everything is absorbed through your skin. It’s about healthy options.”

North Fork Natural is located at 28080 Main Road in Cutchogue. For additional information or to schedule a consultation, call 631-229-7485 or go to NorthForkNatural.com.