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PSEG Long Island continues with work to increase reliability during storms in Southold

With an eye toward increasing reliability during storm and hurricane events, PSEG will continue with system improvements in Southold this month.

According to PSEG Long Island, “strengthening key electric circuits” will improve reliability of the electric grid for customers during extreme weather events similar to Superstorm Sandy.

The three new affected routes, where work is commencing, include:

  • State Route 25/Main Road between Heath Drive and Hales Road and Diedricks Road
    State Route 25/Main Road between Platt Road and Tabor Road
  • Peconic Lane between Middle Road and State Route 25 / Main Road
    State Route 25 / Main Road between Harvest Lane and Indian Neck Lane
  • State Route 25 / Main Road between Jockey Creek Drive and Wells Avenue

The work is expected to begin mid-month and last approximately four months. FEMA funded upgrades are currently being completed on other circuits in Southold, PSEG reps said.

In March, the project kicked off, with a route in Southold covering approximately 1.5 miles along the electric main line circuit, including Pine Neck Road east of Main Bayview Road and west of Kimberly Lane, North Bayview Road south of Southold Yacht Club and north of North Bayview Road Extension, and Jacobs Lane south of North Bayview Road Extension and north of Main Bayview Road.

Switching equipment was slated for installation at Route 48 between Ackerly Pond Road and Carroll Avenue and Main Bayview Road between Bay Water Avenue and Bayberry Road.

Crews are expected to work Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. to 4 p.m., with limited evening and weekend work and no work done on major national holidays. Tree trimming will ensue as necessary, PSEG said.

The new poles will be approximately the same height as existing poles, have a stronger base and will be placed about two-to-three feet from the current pole locations. PSEG Long Island will actively coordinate the removal of old poles with other utilities and municipalities.

As the work progresses, some lane closures can be expected, with signage posted and traffic flaggers onhand to minimize delays and ensure driver safety.

The additional projects will bring FEMA funded system improvements to additional customers in Southold. Work will include replacing existing wires, installing new and more durable poles, and installing or replacing switching equipment to help reduce the number of customers affected by an outage, according to a release.

“We are proactively working to avoid future outages for our customers in the Town of Southold,” said John O’Connell, PSEG Long Island vice president of transmission and distribution operations. “PSEG Long Island’s FEMA funded projects are an important step in providing customers with the best-in-class service that they deserve.”

The project is funded through the FEMA Hazard Mitigation Assistance Program, which was established to harden electrical distribution infrastructure against future storm damage and help restore power more quickly.

Earlier this year, more than $729 million of federal recovery funds were secured for the Long Island Power Authority via an agreement last year between Governor Andrew M. Cuomo and the Federal Emergency Management Agency under the FEMA 406 Mitigation Fund.