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Tennis anyone? Age is no barrier for this group of senior players looking to expand ranks

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There’s no age limit for this tennis group, whose members are mostly between 80 and 90 years old.

The core members of the Sandy Pond Senior Tennis Associates have been playing together 50 years. The group was founded more than half a century ago by Harold Goodale, Pierre Lundberg, Howard Finkelstein and Avery Young.

But now its declining membership is down to only a few players, and they’re looking for new members.

Courtesy photo
Courtesy photo

The oldest player is currently 93 and the youngest is 60. The only requirement to join the group, according to long-time member Bob DeCandido, is basic knowledge of the game’s rules and the ability to participate in mild physical exercise.

To minimize running, the group has developed a unique playing solution: three players play on each side of the net, rather than two.

Playing triples has increased their playing time to hour-and-a-half long sessions three times a week.

The best part, according to DeCandido, is the laughter the players share during the games. The exercise, all players agree, has extended both their life spans and quality of life.

The group just finished up their winter season at an indoor court in Westhampton, and the summer season is fast approaching. The next sessions will be scheduled for the end of April or the beginning of May, and the group will play on an outdoor private court in Riverhead for the summer season.

Anyone interested in joining the group can call DeCandido at 722-8037 or email him here.

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