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Fishing Report with Capt. Jon Bowen

Courtesy photo: Capt. Bob's Fishing Fleet

Ah, Father’s Day weekend, this week, as memories of cool waters and fish elongated by time push to the front of our minds, we, both the pros and the amateurs, hear the call to grab our gear and boat a fish to render yet another nostalgic day with dear old dad.

As a cold front pushed through, bringing winds yet again on Monday, the fluke fishing likewise cooled. As soon as the sun popped up, however, the fluke rolled out from their sandy blankets and started gnoshing. Off of Mattituck you have your pick of the deeper edges off the motel, and both bouy 7 and 5 have been producing when the fluke cooperate. Sometimes the bite takes place very quickly, so zero in on feeding terns on the shoal and if there are shorts put your time in, the keepers are there; just ask Joe Ippolito who, along with many other anglers, caught his limit on Tuesday. Hortons does produce but the weeds have been migraine inducing-if there is any type of tide, stay clear.

If you hit the tide right in the early morning there are bass to be had from schoolies up to 44 pounds which was boated on the Capt. Bob during the week by Mario Corso. There are quite a few bass patrolling the water but they spook easily so set up way ahead of the hot zone and kill those motors. You can key in on the general areas where bass feed by watching the commercial guys and keeping a close eye on the contours of your GPS.

Porgies are starting to settle in on structure and the sea bass are still showing strong and litter the bottom. When the season does open, stay local because apparently the Connecticut boats have already picked through their own stock and are now sneaking into New York waters to pluck at our own supply. Soon they will start to group up on structure and the key to sea bass fishing is to realize that sometimes the smallest bump on your sound can hold a ton of tasty knot heads. Currently they are spawning and on any deeper water fluke drift you are bound to have a bit of catch and release excitement, but we will just have to be patient until the proposed date of June 27th allows us to bring these delicious scrappers to the dinner table.



Captain Jon Bowen, who’s been fishing the Long Island Sound his entire life, is the owner of Captain Bob’s Fishing Fleet in Mattituck.