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Letter to the Editor
Appreciation for Southold Police

On Saturday July 3rd 2016 I returned to my car parked on Main Street in Greenport to discover that my side view mirror had been broken off. Several passersby told me that they witnessed a man drive by and hit my car. They said he then drove off without stopping.

I drove away and saw a police car around the corner. I thought I would stop and ask the officer if I had any recourse. The office was Daniel Lillis who proceeded to tell me that he was aware of this and had been trying to contact me. Apparently the man who hit my car had been apprehended by the Southold police in Laurel.

This prompt police work amazes me and I am very grateful to all the parties involved, particularly Officer Willis who was very courteous, efficient and respectful as he processed my police report. I can’t recall a more productive and efficient encounter with a police officer or a police department in my life time and I am 66 years old. I feel honored to be a resident of this town.


Jack Boyd