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Greenport BOE finalizes plan to upgrade security, technology under state bonds

Greenport Board of Education finalized a plan to upgrade security measures and purchase new classroom technology last night.

Greenport Union Free School District is eligible for up to $140,858 through the New York State Smart School Bond Act passed in 2014. The act authorizes the issuance of state bonds of up to two billion dollars to districts throughout New York State. The money is divid proportionally according to district size.

The bonds will reimburse school districts for technology or security improvements. Greenport plans to use the money for both.

“We were given the latitude to develop our own plan to our enhance our security and technology measures,” said Superintendent David Gamberg at a public meeting held last night to finalize the investment plan.

The plan includes exterior doors that will be opened by new security badges, like ones currently in use in Southold school district.

“It’s a nice enhancement of security, and the badge is a greater degree of comfort for the students and for staff,” Gamberg said.

The new doors will be mostly made of metal, except for the front doors, which Gamberg said will be “aesthetically appropriate.”

“It would be too costly to have wooden doors installed all around — it’s about $15,000 for the front doors alone,” Gamberg said. “But we want the door to look like it belongs at the front of this building.”

The plan provides $100,858 for security upgrades, with $40,000 reserved for technology. With that money the school will purchase graphing calculators. Students will be issued one at the beginning of the year instead of sharing a classroom set. They will also purchase and install interactive televisions.

The full proposed plan is available on the district’s website. 

Courtney Blasl
Courtney is a freelance photographer, videographer, web designer and writer. She is a lifelong Riverhead resident.