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Public hearing set today on Southold Town’s 2017 proposed operating budget

Photo: Katharine Schroeder

Southold residents have the opportunity to comment today on the town board’s proposed $44.07 million 2017 operating budget during a public hearing at Southold Town Hall. The hearing will held during a special meeting, convened in two sessions, at 4 p.m. and 7 p.m.

The proposed budget would increase spending 1.29 percent over this year, requiring a 7.57-percent tax rate increase. The resulting tax per $1,000 of assessed valuation will be $318.40, up $22.40 per thousand over this year. The tax levy would increase 7.76 percent.

The town board on Oct. 18 approved both the preliminary budget and a local law authorizing the budget to pierce the tax levy cap, which this year was set at .68 percent.

Southold’s elected officials would see a 2-percent pay raise in 2017 under the proposed budget. Elected officials’ salaries have risen 2 percent per year since fiscal year 2013, after remaining stagnant for several years following the onset of the 2008 recession. The 2-percent increase is the same pay raise provided in the town’s collective bargaining agreements with its unions, Supervisor Scott Russell said.

State law requires the town board to adopt a final budget on or before Nov. 20. 2017-adopted-preliminary-budget-southold

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