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Letter: Presidential election post-mortem

I agree with you about everyone having a right to their opinion. Yes, being nasty and vulgar is not a good way to express one’s opinion. I tell my more liberal friends that I will agree to disagree with them.

Mail_Envelope_letterI do however think that most media is very liberal and was definitely trying to persuade this election toward the liberal Hillary. A lot of the major news stations were definitely slanted liberal in their reporting. I know you disagree, but I feel that Fox News gives the most truthful facts. They have both liberal and conservative people giving opinions, not just the liberal point of view. I often watch other news channels just to compare what is being reported and what is not. Many times I find liberal media not reporting all the facts or skewing them unfairly to meet their way of thinking. Fox News allows all views, many times ones I don’t like to hear. I find MSNBC, by far, the most liberal and offensive in their reporting.

I’m sorry you received so many nasty responses. There is no call for that kind of behavior no matter how much one disagrees. I too know that Mr. Trump has his faults, like we all do, but I do feel he truly loves this country and wants to do his best to restore it from all the damage this past administration has caused. I feel the corruption is rampant, starting at the top and filtering down. When we can’t trust our FBI, attorney general and our president to uphold the law of the land, who can we trust?

Many people have been punished for far lesser offenses than Hillary Clinton has committed. I am very happy she will not be doing more damage as our president. Whether she will ultimately be indicted or not remains to be seen. Scandal is certainly nothing new to the Clintons!

I will pray for Mr.Trump to restore our wonderful nation, follow our Constitution, and uphold our freedom of religion.

Sharon Wren