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Southold Town Board holds annual organizational meeting, makes appointments, sets salaries

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The Southold Town Board held its annual organizational meeting yesterday morning, making appointments and formally establishing salaries for town elected and appointed officials, designating banks as official depositories, and setting up the mechanisms of governance for the year ahead.

The board unanimously made the following reappointments:

Councilman William Ruland, deputy supervisor;
William Duffy, town attorney;
John Cushman, town comptroller;
Donald Wilcenski, planning board chairperson;
Leslie Weisman, zoning board of appeals chairperson;
Kevin Webster, board of assessors chairperson;
Martin Sidor, member of planning board.

A resolution appointing a member of the zoning board of appeals was tabled. ZBA member George Horning’s five-year term expired Dec. 31.

The town board established the following annual salaries for elected officials:

Supervisor Scott Russell: $106,506
Councilman William Ruland: $35,078
Councilman James Dinizio: $35,078
Councilman Robert Ghosio: $35,078
Councilwoman Jill Doherty: $35,078
Justice Louisa P. Evans: $53,492
Justice William H. Price, Jr.: $71,755
Justice Brian Hughes: $71,755
Town Clerk Elizabeth A. Neville: $102,624
Supt. of Highways Vincent Orlando: $106,506
Receiver of Taxes George Sullivan: $40,041
Assessor Robert I. Scott Jr.: $76,707
Assessor Kevin Webster: $76,707
Assessor Richard Caggiano: $76,707
Trustee John Bredemeyer: $19,371
Trustee Michael Domino: $19,371
Trustee Charles Sanders: $19,371
Trustee A. Nicholas Krupski: $19,371
Trustee Glenn Goldsmith: $19,371
Trustee president – additional $3,000

Planning board and ZBA members will be paid $14,003 for the year with chairpersons earning an additional $3,000.

The town board appointed the following committee liaisons for 2017:

Agricultural Advisory: Ruland
Animal Shelter: Ruland, Doherty
Anti-Bias Task Force: Russell, Ruland
Architectural: Ghosio, Ruland
CAST: Russell
Economic Development Committee: Ruland
Helicopter Noise Steering: Ghosio
Historic Preservation: Russell
Housing Advisory: Dinizio
Land Preservation: Ghosio
Personnel: Russell, Ruland
Police Advisory: Dinizio
Recreation: Ghosio
Shellfish Advisory: Doherty
Stormwater Run-off: Ghosio, Doherty
Transportation: Ruland
Tree: Doherty
Youth Bureau: Ruland, Dinizio
Zoning and Building: Dinizio, Ghosio

The board also appointed Lynne Richards as the Americans with Disabilities Act coordinator and Karen McLaughlin as chairperson of the committee on health issues and services for the elderly.

It set daily rates for school crossing guards at $85.04 (first post rate) and $109.33 (second post rate).

The board also set hourly rates for traffic control officers at $16.79 and for seasonal police officers at $21.23.

A second meeting was convened yesterday afternoon to conduct the board’s regular business. 

Denise Civiletti
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