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Capt. Dave’s kids, a canvas sail and paints: creativity on display in Greenport

Capt. Dave Berson, center, and Front Street cafe owner Aldo, with Berson's Saturday morning creativity group and the artwork they made for the side of Aldo's building. Photo: Peter Blasl

The children in Capt. David Berson’s Saturday morning program have created colorful nautical-themed art for the side of Aldo’s overlooking Mitchell Park in Greenport.

Berson and his youth group put their creation on display yesterday.

“We had a sail and we had paints, so I told them ‘Go at it’ and this is what we got,” Berson said, admiring the kids’ handiwork.

Photo: Peter Blasl

For years now, Berson has been working with kids of all ages. See prior story.

“We try to keep the kids entertained,” Berson said. He meets with them at at the Little Red Schoolhouse on Front Street on Saturday mornings. The kids draw, paint, write, make music. It’s an opportunity to let their creative juices flow.

College student Rosario Rodriguez, 19, has been enjoying Captain Dave’s tutelage and friendship since she was in second grade, beginning with the electric boat he skippers, “Glory.” When she’s home from college in Oneonta, Rodriguez makes a point of dropping in at the schoolhouse to participate.

“Captain Dave not only keeps them entertained, he gives them a a place to have fun and be comfortbale and just overall grow as little kids,” Rodriguez said.

Berson’s nonprofit Glory Going Green has been providing free educational programs to local kids since 2008. The organization offers year-round workshops in art, science and writing.

Photos by Peter Blasl

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