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Southold Town police blotter:
June 4 – June 10

Excerpts from the Southold Town Police Press Reports, June 11, 2017

On June 4 police received an anonymous call about a punching incident that occurred in front of the Rite Aid Pharmacy in Mattituck. The caller witnessed a man on a bicycle ride up to a woman and punch her in the head. Police responded and interviewed the victim, who denied there was any problem. No further action was reported.

A Garden City man was taken into custody Sunday evening, June 4, after he rear-ended a car stopped in a designated left turn lane on Wickham Avenue and Route 48 in Mattituck. James A. Melone was westbound when he hit the car, then veered off and struck two road signs. Police determined that Melone was intoxicated, he was arrested and taken to headquarters for processing.

Anonymous passersby reported seeing a Greenport man asleep on the steps of the Railroad Museum in Greenport Village on June 4. Police responded and advised the man to leave, which he did. No further action was taken.

Police received an anonymous report of a vehicle parked illegally for three days on Gillette Drive in East Marion on June 5. Police contacted the owner, who said that the vehicle was disabled and he was waiting for it to be towed.

On June 5 a Greenport man phoned police to report that someone had bent the wiper blades on his vehicle, causing $200 worth of damage. Police interviewed a suspect who denied any knowledge of the incident.

On June 6, police were called to Southold High School after they received a report of a vehicle flipped on its side on Oaklawn Avenue. It was determined that the 1987 Ford Ranger, which had no engine and was unregistered, had been put there as a senior prank. School officials assured police that the seniors would remove the vehicle and no further action was taken.

On June 6, police were called to a Mattituck residence after the owner, while observing his surveillance camera feed, saw a man walking on his property. Police determined that the suspect was an employee of a gas company and was servicing the property owner’s equipment.

On June 6 police received a report of a westbound vehicle failing to maintain lane of travel on Route 48 in Greenport. The vehicle then turned around and headed eastbound, stopping on Moores Lane. Police responded and interviewed the driver, who stated that she couldn’t see out of her windshield due to fog on the window. Police set the defroster for her windshield and escorted her to the Shelter Island ferry line. A driver’s review was prepared.

On June 6 an off-duty New York Police Department detective observed two male subjects running down the dirt road behind his Greenport residence. He chased the subjects and apprehended one. The juvenile admitted to entering a shed on the man’s property and stealing two fishing poles. The juvenile was transported to headquarters where his parents took custody.

Police arrested an undomiciled man on June 6 after pulling him over for a traffic violation and discovering that he was in possession of crack cocaine. He was transported to headquarters, processed and released on bail awaiting a court appearance.

A Cutchogue man phoned police on June 7 to report that he was the victim of a computer scam. He stated that in an effort to get his computer fixed he allowed someone claiming to work for HP to access his computer. When they demanded $250 from him, he refused to pay, after which his computer became locked and the suspect said he could only get into his computer again if he paid. He contacted the HP company, who are working with him on the problem.

A Mattituck man reported that at some time between May 1 and May 15, a projectile of unknown size came through his window and lodged in the wall. Police are investigating.

On June 8 a Southold woman called police to complain that her daughter, who is taking care of her as she recovers from a fall, would not feed her the type of meals she wanted to eat. She also stated that her daughter refused to dress her. The daughter said the mother was capable of dressing herself. Police noted that the living accommodations were suitable and advised the complainant to refrain from calling 911 unless there is an emergency present.

A Cutchogue woman called police on June 8 to report that there was a tear in the screen on her back window. Officers determined that the tear appears to have occurred when something hit the screen. No further action was needed.

Police received a report on June 8 of a man dumping an unknown liquid into the street near the New Suffolk boat ramp. They interviewed a Hampton Bays man, who told police that he was dumping his bilge. Police issued a summons for parking without a Southold Town permit.

An anonymous female called police on June 9 to report a large group of youths gathered on Narrow River Road in Orient. Police responded but only found some garbage in the area.

A Greenport man phoned police to report that on June 9, someone had stolen his eyeglasses from his car while it was parked on Factory Avenue in Mattituck. He stated that the value of the prescription glasses was $999.

On June 9 a Greenport woman called police to report that she parked her car in Claudio’s parking lot and then was unable to locate it. Police responded and canvassed the area, locating her vehicle.

A Southold man called police on June 10 to report a possible burglary at the Empire gas station. Police responded and observed a truck delivering gas to the pumps, causing substantial noise. Employees of Empire stated that they are now open 24 hours and that there was no burglary.

On June 10 police were called to the IGA in Southold after a youth reported that an unknown man approached him with a knife and told him to “stop or you’ll be hurt.” The youth could not give a description of the man except to say that he was wearing dark clothing. Police searched the area but could not locate the suspect.

Editor’s note: A criminal charge is an accusation. By law, a person charged with a crime is presumed innocent until proven guilty in a court of law.