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Southold Town Police blotter:
July 3 – July 9

Excerpts from the Southold Town Police Press Reports, July 9, 2017

On July 3, a Mattituck woman phoned police to report a highly intoxicated woman creating a disturbance on Love Lane in Mattituck. The two women got into an argument over the noise; police responded and resolved the problem by transporting the intoxicated woman to her home.

Police issued a summons to a Greenport man on July 3 after observing him with an open container of liquor on a public street. The man disposed of the beverage and the bottle.

A Robins Island employee called police on July 3 after he asked a Massapequa man to leave the beach where he was sitting because it was disturbing osprey in their nest. Police responded and advised the man that Robins Island is private property and directed him to leave, which he did.

Four Garden City teens were rescued from Great Peconic Bay on July 3 after a boater noticed them about a half mile offshore in Mattituck and saw that they appeared to be in distress, police said Stephen Moran, Gary Morgan, Conor Lehan and Jack Cavetola, all age 19, were on paddle boards and kayaks when a passing boater spotted them. None of the four had a life jacket. The boater stayed with the teens while bay constables were summoned and brought the teens and watercraft back to shore, where a parent picked them up. They were all issued summonses for not having life jackets. All refused medical treatment, police said.

A Cutchogue woman called police on July 3 to report a vehicle parked across from the Cutchogue post office which had “signs all over it.” Police responded and found no problem with the car, which belongs to a Southold man.

On July 3 police were advised that someone was hitchhiking outside of Macari Vineyards in Cutchogue. Police responded and advised the hitchhiker that it what he was doing was illegal. The man said he had missed the bus; police drove him to his destination.

Police received a call of cars parked illegally and jet skis operating at a high rate of speed near the town boat ramp in Southold. They responded and spoke with one of the jet skiers, who agreed to slow down when he was near the shore. No illegally parked vehicles were found at the time.

The owner of a Greenport restaurant phoned police to report that a highly intoxicated man came to her establishment on July 3 and refused to leave until she threatened to call police. Police responded but were unable to locate the man.

A Port Washington woman phoned police on July 3 to report that she lost her cell phone and wallet on the Cross Sound Ferry. The woman called again to report that a phone location app was used to find her belongings, which were on an incoming ferry. Police picked up her things and made arrangements to deliver her property back to her.

On July 4 a Southold woman reported to police that her phone had been pick-pocketed in Greenport. Using an app, the victim and police tracked the phone down to a Greenport residence. Police responded to the residence and found the phone and a highly intoxicated man. The man was transported to Eastern Long Island Hospital via rescue.

A Greenport woman phoned police on July 4 to report two people swimming in the pool at her condo. Police responded but found no trespassers.

A Southold woman was arrested on July 4 after a traffic stop in Greenport. Police discovered that the woman’s driving privileges had been revoked. She was brought to headquarters for processing.

On July 4 a Greenport man reported to police that someone had scratched the paint on his car, which was parked across the street from his home. Damage was estimated at $250. Police have no suspects.

An East Marion man called police on July 4 to report two fisherman “making a mess on the beach.” Police responded and found that the men, both from Yonkers, had valid fishing licenses. They advised the men to move to below the high tide mark.

A Cutchogue man reported a group of approximately 20 men fishing on the beach near his home on July 4. Police responded and issued summonses to those subjects who had no fishing licenses. They were asked to leave the area, and they did.

After noticing a man taking photographs near her home, a Mattituck woman phoned police on July 4. Police responded and found a PSEG employee doing a photographic survey of the area.

On July 4 police were called to a Southold residence after a report of loud music coming from the home. They interviewed the homeowners, who were extremely uncooperative and used obscene language directed at the officer. The homeowner stated that he would not turn the music down. Eventually he did, but turned it back up briefly before the officer departed. The homeowner was warned that if police had to respond again, he would be issued a summons for breaking Southold Town’s noise ordinance.

While on patrol on July 5 in Mattituck, an officer noticed two people walking along Westphalia Road. When they saw the patrol car, they ducked into the woods. Police noticed numerous mailboxes in the area had been damaged and a homeowner reported that 24 small American flags in front of her residence were broken. Police  were unable to locate the suspects.

An Orient man called police on July 5 to report that someone had removed a “No Trespassing” sign on Bight Road and replaced it with a sign that had vulgar language on it. Police removed the sign.

On July 5 a Mattituck woman reported to police that she sold an iPhone on eBay and the buyer said he wanted to return it. She received an email notification from eBay that the buyer had shipped the phone back and had been reimbursed. When she received the package, it contained a spark plug, not a phone.

Police charged Barbara Hennessy, 71, of Calverton with DWI and possession of a controlled substance on July 5 after a traffic stop on County Road 48.

A Cutchogue man called police on July 7 when he observed a helicopter coming in for a landing at Borghese Vineyard and cars were stopping in the roadway to watch. Police contacted Suffolk County Aviation who said that there are no regulations as to where a helicopter can land.

An Orient woman telephoned police on July 7 stating that a neighbor placed a naked mannequin on a ladder which she can see over a newly erected fence. She also states that the neighbor put up a sign with foul language on it. Police determined that the sign was on the neighbor’s property so it could stay. The complainant’s husband also stated that this same neighbor climbs on top of a ladder while naked and that it annoys him. Police tried unsuccessfully to contact the neighbor.

On July 8, a Greenport man reported that there was an estimated $1,000 worth of damage done to his truck overnight while it was parked on Main Street in Greenport. Police are investigating.

Editor’s note: A criminal charge is an accusation. By law, a person charged with a crime is presumed innocent until proven guilty in a court of law.