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Greenport students use video to send a powerful message of support to wildfire victims

A screenshot from GPO-TV's public service announcement.

In the wake of recent natural disasters around the world, members of Greenport High School’s GPO-TV club wondered what they could do to help lift the spirits of those affected by wildfire, floods and hurricanes.

They came up with the idea of putting together a public service announcement to show their support, specifically for the Anova School in Santa Rosa, California, a not-for-profit school for children with autism. The Anova School was completely destroyed by wildfire in October.

GPO-TV club advisor Karieann Damon led the group in creating a PSA using news and local footage, and testimonials. The students were involved in all parts of creating the video.

“Not only does this message of hope link two costal communities from New York to California, it also gives our high school students a unique opportunity to experience the value of producing a positive statement to help others,” said Damon.

Greenport High School principal Gary Kalish sees the creation of the PSA as another example of providing students with valuable skills in the communications industry, giving them future college and career readiness opportunities as they leave high school.

“I think it’s really incredible. The kids are really going to impact some change with the things they’re doing here at school,” said Kalish.

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