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Tiger Woods, the legend: Why do we still care?

Why are we all still so infatuated with Tiger Woods? He hasn’t won a tournament since 2013. Why is he dominating headlines and capturing our attention?

Golf: A contact sport?

Golf may be more dangerous than you thought. Sure there’s the risk of being hit with an errant ball but there is a much more serious risk that is waiting for you: Lyme Disease.

The five golfers no one wants to play with

You've met them. The five super-annoying golfers who can ruin your game: the talker, the 'pro,' the whiner, the bloodhound, the daydreamer.

Golf: Best golf gadgets and why you need them now

There is no shortage of new technology flooding the golf markets these days. Many are useless, but some are definite game-changers. Here is a list of my picks for best gadgets and why you need to get them now.

Golf: An obsession, a passion, a love

Why do we play the game of golf? If you are a golfer you have asked yourself this question on more than one occasion....