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Paper Chase Challenge: going digital with your banking and bills

Declutter your life by going digital. Latest blog by organizing pro Mimi Corwin.

The Paper Chase Challenge

This week, organizing pro Mimi Corwin walks you through ridding your house (and life) of paper products, from stray greeting cards to art projects and beyond. The paper chase challenge is on.

Decluttering – where do you start?

Mimi Corwin walks you through how to declutter a space, no matter how large the mess in this week's A Place for Everything.

A place for Everything: organizing your home computer

Buying a new computer is only the beginning. Proper file organization is essential or you'll quickly lose control of things you'll need to easily find.

Keeping it organized; a place for everything and everything in its place

Introducing Mimi Corwin, professional organizer and productivity specialist, and her new column A Place for Everything.