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Southold School’s Mother Goose Shoe project is a go thanks to local businessman’s generous donation

A generous local businessman and an anonymous donor have helped complete fundraising for unique playground structure.

Local tech start-up will live stream Brady Rymer concert from Southold Elementary to schools around the world

Brady Rymer, a Grammy-nominated musician and children's performer based in Southold, will play a concert tomorrow morning for Southold Elementary School that will be live-streamed in classrooms from Kenya to the Philippines.

Life-sized Mother Goose shoe may soon be part of Southold school’s vision of ‘reimagined’ classrooms

A local family (who wishes to remain anonymous) has agreed to donate up to $10,000 in matching funds in the fundraising drive for the 'play-scape.'

North Fork elementary students create hand-drawn signs for local beaches to respect protected wildlife

More than 150 North Fork elementary school students recently learned how to "be a good egg" and become stewards of our unique local environment,...

Southold third graders make friends with Bulgarian classroom through North Fork tech education startup

The connection was made possible through Buncee, a Riverhead tech start-up that is now being used in more than 10,000 classrooms around the world.

Architects to present Southold BOE with plans for capital improvements project

The Southold Union Free School District's board of education will continue to discuss both a proposed bond referendum and capital reserve project tomorrow. A BOE...